Mouthing? Mood Matters

Quite often puppy mouthing can get worse when a puppy is either over excited or over tired. I can probably say the majority of you reading this can completely relate, right?

If you can begin to spot the signs in your puppy and manage them before they become bitey, you will be able to manage this behaviour while in this stage of development.

Calm lie downs, sniffing, new chews or stuffed kongs are a great way to encourage calm and relaxation (and usually then sleeping) when falling into this area. Redirections to toys are likely to spark more chaos so I advise you avoid this when in this mood.

Calming a puppy down once at the charging around aimlessly stage is often difficult  so spotting signs is a must.

Evening routines are important. Late evening should not be play time, this is when we want to teach our puppy about boring relaxing time. All play should be earlier in the day to prevent high arousal games mixing with over tired puppies and thus leading to uncontrollable biting and mad zoomies.

This also goes for play time. If your puppy is likely to start biting mid play- watch for the signs. Does your puppy need a calm break in between small bouts of play? Probably. Our aim here is to ensure we keep our puppy in an able state to think and learn. 

Remember puppies can experience different moods just like we can. So while we talk alot about mouthing when over tired or over excited, note that they may also mouth when worried or in pain.