How to Use a Long Line

While most of you will get away with simply letting your puppy off the lead in safe areas (during your puppies first walks, they will naturally want to stay close to you. This gives you the perfect opportunity to harness this, reward it, play games and teach them that being with you is super rewarding, before their confidence begins to increase), some of you may have gone past this stage. Letting puppies offlead that are confident enough to run across parks and ignore your recall, wont learn anything else unless you prevent that unwanted behaviour. Long lines are a great way to allow your puppy the freedom to explore and be a puppy, while preventing them from running away and ignoring you. Long lines do have to be used with caution, as like any equipment, these can become dangerous when used inappropriately. 

Do not wrap these leads around your hands, these can become extremely tight and damage your hand if your puppy was to run out on the end of it. Do not allow your puppy to run out on the end of it, whip lash is not our aim. Try not to encourage zoomy running while on long lines, puppies should be mooching calmly. Do not use these with collars, only clip a long line to a harness. Do not allow your puppy to go and say hello while on the full extent of one, this will only lead to entangling everyone around you, resulting in rope burns to legs .And please do be aware that training long lines and flexi/extendable leads are not the same thing. While flexi/extendable leads can prove beneficial for some people in some circumstances, they are generally not something I recommend. I do not advise you use long lines for your whole walk, these should only be used when you reach an ‘offlead’ zone. We want to teach our puppies to walk with us next to roads, not walk 10 metres ahead where they could get into trouble.