Welcome to The Puppy Series

Because I truly believe every puppy deserves a good start

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”  As a first time puppy owner, I couldn’t recommend Zoe and The Puppy Series enough! Its set out in a way which is fab and easy to follow. Everything from the first few nights to recall to simply commands is covered! I feel very lucky to have found this course ”

Do you have a less than perfect calendar? Work shifts? Have kids to work around with no baby sitter? Are you shy and cant stand the idea of a social class? Or is your puppies confidence a little lower than average and feel classes may be too overwhelming? Or maybe you’re simply struggling to find a good class in your area?

Do you want a puppy course that you can work through when it suits you? Would you love a space where all the key information needed to help raise a confident and happy puppy is there? Without trolling through contradicting advice on the internet?

I have a course for you all!


hello, I’ m Zoe

I’m an accredited and registered dog trainer and Clinical Animal Behaviourist with over 10 years experience. I proudly run Tittletails, a training and behaviour company with the aim to prevent, manage and solve behaviour problems, with ethical training, welfare and fun, being at the forefront.  

During my time as a dog trainer, I’ve had a real passion for puppies. I’ve developed countless training courses and helped owners with countless puppy problems. The thought of not everyone being able to get access to decent information on puppy training is something that has always sat heavy with me.  So one Friday afternoon, I thought – that’s it, I’m doing it, I’m going to find a way to make my best course yet available to everyone, for everyone.

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Zoe Webb MSc, BSc, CAB
ABTC Registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist
Brackley and the surrounds